pixel art

24x24 skulz found in the depths of the ethereum blockchain.
96 layers combined 576 times creating unique NFT collectables.

...Waiting to be excavated.

2 lucky excavators will find dollar skulz and win $2,400.00

road map excavate!

phase 1

24x24 pixels skulz
576 generated skulz
96 hand-drawn layers

0.024 eth  (max mint 4)

2 lucky excavators will find dollar skulz and win $2,400.00

phase 2

deeper excavations
+ excavators airdrop

48x48 pixels
2304 animated skulz
192 traits

0.024 eth (max mint 6)

$24,000.00 giveaway

phase 3

long term excavators will have early access to the first layer of phase 3

96x96 pixels
9216 3d skulz
240 traits

0.024 eth (max mint 8)

$96,000.00 giveaway

excavators frequent questions

what are they?

24skulz are hand-drawn 24x24 pixel art collectables, randomnly generated and lost in the depths of the ethereum blockchain.
24skulz will evolve and grow from one phase to another.

what can i use them for?

holders (or hodlers in crypto terms) will get airdrops, access to pre sale and access to the community wallet group where they can vote and decide where to use the community wallet funds.

how do i buy one?

download the MetaMask extension that matches your browser from their website.

once account is created add some eth to your wallet and voila! You are ready to excavate.

how much does it cost?

each excavation costs 0.024 eth + gas fee. there're 2 hidden dollar skulz on phase 1 collection, find one and win $2,400.00.

phase 2 and phase 3 will also cost the same 0.024 eth + gas fee.

when does excavation start?

excavation starts on 18th Nov 18:24 UTC

join our Discord channel and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for regular excavation updates.

what happens next?

once phase 1 is sold out there'll be excavators airdrop and excavation phase 2 will be announced on our social medial platforms and messaging channels.

phase 3 will have 3d skulz and the first dapp game will be released soon after.

Skulz will evolve to higher definition skulz. Future versions will include CryptoVoxels and Decentraland wearables as well as full body avatar in Somnium Space.